Tell Us How You Really Feel

How can CEO communications inspire capital market confidence? FGS Hong Kong Partner Kirsten Molyneux shares some insights:

  • Leaders spend around 70% of their time communicating. Stronger emotional intelligence in CEO communications can help CEOs create more effective interactions with the capital markets and build belief and trust. And that trust drives reputation and valuation.
  • It also takes 3 other vital ingredients: Transparency, integrity and consistency in the messages. Delivering on milestones and expectation management is also key for CEO comms.
  • CEO comms should be insight driven, agile and easily understood from wherever your stakeholders sit. Most good CEOs understand the importance of listening to investor feedback. This insight helps shape future communication, gives leaders perspective and avoids the echo chamber.
  • When dealing with difficult news, CEOs must play it straight and be very cognizant of how bad news may land. Avoid overcommunication until all the facts are known.
  • CEO comms should reflect a leader’s own authentic style. Nonverbal communication plays a significant role in establishing trust and inspiring confidence.

CEO communication is an incredibly important asset for any company and should be amplified in wider corporate comms, which builds up the belief in the corporate narrative. All of this helps inspire capital market confidence.