Workin’ on My Fitness

Surging coronavirus cases aren’t stopping gyms and fitness centers from reopening across the country–mostly enticing the younger demographics most at risk for spreading coronavirus. 

Even as the CDC continues to recommend people work out as much as possible in outdoor spaces, 21% of Americans say they would feel comfortable going to the gym right now. That holds steady from attitudes measured in early May. 

In April, a fifth of Americans (18%) said going back to the gym was on their post-COVID bucket list, with Gen Z (43%) and millennials (22%) most eager.

Close to home, VIDA Fitness, which operates five gyms in the D.C. area, said all their 6am reservation slots were booked on their initial opening by members anxious to get back into the gym. 

However, pressure from members led the gym to now enforce time slots every day where every member has to wear a mask, regardless of physical activity. Previously, members were allowed to work out on cardio machines and socially distanced in fitness classes with a mask around their necks.