Who Wants to Know?

The institutions we trust have shifted during the pandemic era, with health care and small businesses leading politicians and the media.

FGH’s Research and Insights team took a look at recent polling to find out who we trust (and don’t): 

  • Family-owned businesses are the most trusted, with the global population trusting them 67%. 
  • The U.S. has fallen five points in the Edelman Trust Index to 43% average trust of U.S. NGOs, business, government and media.
  • Doctors are the most trusted globally, with 64% of people finding doctors trustworthy in their individual country. Politicians are the least trustworthy (10%).
  • Pharmaceuticals are the second most trusted sector, but still only 31% of global respondents consider the pharmaceutical sector trustworthy, while 28% consider it untrustworthy. In the U.S., 23% consider pharmaceutical companies trustworthy while 42% find them untrustworthy.