What to Expect When You’re Injecting

New GPG research finds opinion elites want businesses to strengthen confidence in the vaccine by making it convenient and affordable for employees and accessible to the public, but take pains not to appear to “jump the line” or reinforce existing inequities.

These are some of the findings of GPG’s in-depth conversations with opinion elites across the country, who are encouraged by the vaccine’s development but anxious about its speed— Republicans almost twice as much as Democrats (26% compared to 14%).

Other key findings:

  • Businesses should set an example. CEOs should be vaccinated in front of employees and companies should offer their unique expertise to help the government with distribution efforts.
  • The economy and returning to normal life top the list of opinion elites’ reasons to get vaccinated. Protecting the health of frontline workers and other vulnerable populations rank last.
  • 75% of opinion elites support businesses requiring people get vaccinated before using their services. 80% think children should be vaccinated before returning to the classroom. On the other hand, requiring vaccination for private events may go too far, with Republicans in particular (45%) concerned about rights infringement compared to Democrats (10%).
  • Most believe patients shouldn’t bear the cost of vaccines. 89% believe private insurers should be required to cover the cost of the vaccine, and 88% believe the government should reimburse them for the cost of administering it.

You can read more about the survey findings here.