What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Despite sharing some policy predictions in a survey by GPG, Republicans and Democrats differ on the details when it comes to anxiety about the future.

While Republicans are more worried about violations of civil liberties as a result of the outbreak (77% compared to 65% of Democrats), Democrats are more focused on scrutiny and investigation of elected officials’ response to the outbreak (79% among Democrats compared to 48% among Republicans).

Associated with this, a majority of Republicans (85%) agree that taking actions that infringe on people’s privacy (i.e. tracking and tracing) sets a dangerous precedent and we shouldn’t do it – even during these difficult times.

And nearly twice as many Democrats as Republicans are concerned about economic disparities (86% among Democrats compared to 45% among Republicans).

At the same time, both sides agree it’s important to support small businesses and not prioritize economic relief to large businesses.