We Can’t Rewind, We’ve Gone Too Far

It’s not every day we get to share insights fresh from behind the scenes of a major television broadcast. Let’s keep going with Cat, who you can follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

Q: What made for a great TV guest you’d want to invite back? 

A: Great guests make it look easy, which it ain’t. They have so much mastery over their topic they can listen actively and engage comfortably in the periphery of what they want to discuss. Audiences can tell right away if you’re there just to deliver a few key words and phrases. 

And being nice to the bookers goes a long, long way, especially when it comes to being asked back. 

Q: Thank you notes and candy grams for all the bookers! And what is the biggest mistake to get a guest on a “do not book again” list? 

Think of a dinner party. You’re the invited guest; don’t insult your host. Disagree respectfully all day long, but watch your tone.

Q: What was your goal each day as you put together Morning Joe? What made for a successful episode in your mind?

A: Joe often said we would never fail if we went smart, and that was a guiding philosophy that brought me clarity and pride over the years. Yes of course, we want the bullseye newsmakers and most incisive analysts. Yes of course, we want terrific conversationalists who can as easily pivot to ACC basketball as to Reagan’s top five speeches. But as long as we programmed for smart, fizzy conversation, we were heading in the right direction.