Trump Enters the Political Arena

President Trump’s planned return to the campaign trail this weekend is fanning the flames of an already heated debate over reopening practices

Trump’s indoor rally, now set for Saturday in Tulsa, will feature relatively few safety measures for attendees – especially compared to what GOP donors experienced at recent Trump fundraisers – with no requirement that rally attendees wear face masks. 

That’s prompted local officials to beg the campaign to cancel, or at least move the event outdoors

Some local residents have even sued to block the rally from taking place, though a judge has denied their request. 

But the president has not swayed, tweeting Tuesday that he won’t be “shamed” over holding an event with thousands of attendees in one building. 

Meanwhile, Tulsa officials announced this afternoon that 96 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last day – a new record for the city.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, for his part, has also returned to public life – but without massive gatherings

Biden, who has been wearing a mask at public events, has visited a Delaware church, given speeches in front of small groups and traveled to Houston to meet with George Floyd’s family. 

Per the Washington Post, he has been asking those around him to wear masks and practice distancing.