Toking the Flames

Recent polling shows President Biden’s recent mass pardon of people convicted of marijuana possession under federal law reflects Americans’ evolving opinions of pot. Our Insights team shared this research: 

  • Two out of three Americans (67%) support pardoning all prior federal convictions for possession of marijuana.
    • 82% of Democrats support this measure vs. 45% of Republicans. 
  • More than half of Americans (55%) think marijuana should be made legal, while 29% think it should be illegal and 16% are unsure. 
  • Most Americans (72%) support changing the classification of marijuana so that it is no longer a Schedule I (most dangerous classification) drug, while 26% oppose the measure. 
  • Twelve percent of Americans think marijuana use has a very positive effect on society, 37% say it has a somewhat positive effect, 31% say it has a somewhat negative effect and 19% say it has a very negative effect.
  • Almost half of Americans (48%) say they have tried marijuana, while 52% say they have not.
    • 34% of Republicans have tried marijuana, compared to 53% of Democrats.