To Mask or Not to Mask

More Americans than ever report wearing a mask as COVID cases continue to rise, with Republicans showing the biggest increase.

Six-in-ten Americans (62%) report wearing a mask at all times when leaving their homes, while nearly a quarter say they sometimes wear a mask, the highest level of mask use since Axios started asking the question in April (up from 53% in early June).

Another survey from Gallup found 44% of Americans say they always wear a face mask outside their home while 28% say they wear a face mask very often.

Republicans report the greatest increase in mask usage up 10 points from the end of June, from 35% to 45%. Democrats wearing masks increased from 71% to 78%.

The partisan divide reflects all the way to the White House, where President Trump initially resisted but recently donned a mask in public for the first time

Peer pressure and rules for entry also appear to be at work. Of the 38% of Americans who say they do not wear a mask when leaving their home, a third say they have been denied entry into an establishment or store without a mask and 21% say they have been told to wear a mask by another person.