The Role of Business in Uncertain Times

Opinion elites foresee that following the election, some voters may expect large companies to step up and speak out, especially “if civil liberties are at stake.”

That’s among the findings of GPG’s pre-election canvass of our nationwide community of 300 opinion elites on the role businesses should–or shouldn’t–play in the election aftermath. 

The majority of opinion elites (59%) want businesses to stay in their lane following the election compared to 41% who feel business leaders have an obligation to speak out if the legitimate result of the election is under threat. Generally, opinion elites want businesses to reassure their workforces in the coming days, acknowledging the stress and emotions employees may feel and offering solutions and services to ease this burden.

Once a winner is officially confirmed, opinion elites see a space for business leaders to help confer legitimacy by talking about their willingness and openness to work with the next president.

In the case of a disputed election, the National Task Force on Election Crises urges businesses to use political relationships to push for respect of federal law and the vote. The Task Force also urges the business community to strongly oppose any action by Congress that might undermine the stability of the American economy. Business leaders can also:

  • Support the organizing and mobilization efforts already underway to protect the vote.
  • Speak loudly with other business leaders to reject interference and violence.
  • Encourage stability, calm and restraint.

While concerns about potential election crises are valid, there are laws and processes in place to deal with these scenarios

By amplifying accurate information, projecting calm and patience, trusting election officials and speaking out amid any Electoral College uncertainty, businesses can help ensure a free and fair election.