The Rest is Silence?

Twitter audiences and users haven’t yet moved en masse to a new platform, but other services like Mastodon are getting more attention. And with “critical” technical teams inside Twitter resigning, brands should begin to think about a post-Twitter universe. But until large groups of opinion elites leave the platform, it will still have value.

Brands should evaluate new platforms on a rolling basis while monitoring conversation and content performance on Twitter. Consider preemptively securing handles on new platforms. In making platform decisions, consider: 

  • Where is my audience
  • What am I looking to achieve with my audience on this platform?
  • Which spaces fit my brand and content?

Twitter Recommendations

  • Prepare your audiences for change. Be ready to notify your followers where they can reach you, including other social handles and links to newsletter subscription pages. Consider thanking followers for their support on Twitter.
  • Remain vigilant. Monitor follower count, engagement and key conversations to see if your priority audiences are migrating.
  • Download your data. Preserve your data and historical content through Settings and Support > Settings and privacy > Your account > Download an archive of your data.
  • Monitor brand and campaign mentions for paid verified impersonator accounts—and make sure you’re not engaging with possible impersonators.
  • Ready response plans and/or holding statements in the event of a viral impersonation and report the violation to Twitter.
  • Approach paid verification with caution once Musk relaunches Twitter Blue, which he has delayed to fight “significant impersonations.” 

Paid Considerations

  • At a minimum, all advertisers should review their platform targeting and tighten selections as needed to forestall appearing next to controversial content.
  • Clients who use Twitter for goals other than general brand awareness or purchasing intent should consider continuing campaigns. Twitter still has thought leadership value for clients, though paid verification has begun to impact the credibility of its conversations and the handles participating in them. 

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