The Real Art of the Deal

Last week, FGH and SVC announced our newly combined firm ranked #1 in both Global M&A Deal Count and Global Deal Value among other PR firms, based on data from Mergermarket. 

Whether a transaction is friendly or contested, public or private, domestic or cross-border, a bespoke communications strategy is essential to maximize and protect a deal. In our experience, there are core principles that should guide any transaction communications strategy in today’s environment. 

  1. Explain why 1 + 1 = 3. To garner support, you need a clear, compelling rationale for the benefits created by a combination. M&A messaging should explain how the deal fits within a strategy or will positively impact the company’s valuation, product, service or sector. 
  2. Cover all stakeholders. Shareholder support is critical, but the continued emphasis on ESG necessitates winning the hearts and minds of all stakeholders, including customers, communities and employees, who are crucial to realizing the promise and value of a deal time. 
  3. Know your regulatory landscape. The regulatory approval process is complex and constantly evolving, but today’s regulatory zeal to monitor M&A activity in key industries poses particular challenges. Factor the regulatory perspective into the initial deal announcement and formulate post-announcement contingency plans to facilitate a successful deal outcome.