The Public Square

Twitter conversation Friday erupted in response to the Dobbs decision, with 2.7 million tweets about the decision between 10am ET and 5pm ET alone. Our Research and Insights team dug into Twitter and polling data to find out what companies should be looking out for.

  • Many users discussed companies speaking out and taking action. They urge more companies to cover abortion care and protect women’s data privacy. 
  • Polling data among voters shows more mixed views on whether companies have a responsibility to engage publicly. Voters are more supportive of companies taking action to support their own employees than companies speaking out and taking a stand on abortion rights.
  • FGS Global’s research among engaged and news-attentive voters found more support company engagement than push back on it. A company’s silence may generate ill will if called out.
  • People are most interested in seeing companies help employees relocate, which reflects anxieties about living in a state without abortion access. 31% of registered voters, 42% of voters aged 18-25 and 45% of voters with an advanced degree say a state that bans abortion is less desirable to live in.

Companies across industries have announced their benefits will cover employee travel expenses for abortion to varying extents (or reiterate that they already did), though many acknowledge legal hurdles remain.