The New Grid on the Block

There’s a new media outlet communicators should take note of—Grid, a news site more than a year in the making.

Our friends at FGH’s Health Media Insights newsletter share what you need to know about the new outlet – and how you might engage with their team.

What sets Grid apart? The outlet’s goal is to provide clarity on the day’s biggest issues and stories with more in-depth coverage. Grid looks to connect the dots for readers through its signature approach—known as a 360—which examines a single topic from a variety of viewpoints. 

Who’s who? Grid’s newsroom is full of familiar faces. The outlet was founded by former ABC reporter Mark Bauman, and former Vox politics editor Laura McGann is running the newsroom. Grid already has a team of more than 20 reporters and editors.

What should you pitch? As you craft your pitch, think about how you could tell the story through data – and whether your organization can provide new and unique angles that haven’t yet been covered. The outlet is focused on an “interdisciplinary approach” where reporters from different beats are encouraged to join forces and work outside their silos. Before you send your pitch, consider who in the newsroom might be right for a story regardless of their technical beat.

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