The Court of Public Opinion

Our Research and Insights team analyzed Twitter conversation following the release of the Dobbs opinion last week as well as public polling data around reproductive rights. Here’s what they found:

  • Six in ten Americans disapprove of the Dobbs ruling, but there is a strong partisan divide.
  • A majority believes Dobbs was politically motivated, undermining confidence in the court.
  • Americans do not want Dobbs to become precedent for overturning other cases also decided under the 14th amendment.
  • Twitter conversation about the Dobbs decision has slowed but there still are millions of tweets per day.
  • People worry about Dobbs implications and share stories of consequences already unfolding, including the collapse of American democracy, risk of death for pregant women (especially black women), a surge in demand for the morning after pill, restrictions to IVF, brain drain from states banning abortion and increased poverty.  
  • The left calls for policies that support families, mothers and children, like opening abortion clinics on federal land, expanding the court and getting out the midterm vote.
  • Data privacy feels like a more pressing and personal issue than ever before, including concerns about location data and period tracking apps, putting pressure on tech giants to disclose whether they will comply with the law.
  • Users are tracking corporate responses to Dobbs and how it aligns with broader company values and actions.
  • Conservative users are less engaged in the conversation, but those who do tweet call out hypocrisy on the left, allege overly dramatic reactions and argue the court didn’t ban abortion but gave rights back to the states.
  • Republican politicians push back on corporate engagement and introduce legislation to support women and children. They are attacking companies for extending coverage to abortion care, debating the role of women at home and in the workforce, issuing cease-and-desist letters to abortion funds and companies providing employee coverage and introducing “pro-life legislation” for pregnant women, new moms and children.