Strong Support for Mandate Vaccines Heading into Fall

As Americans consider their plans for the fall, the delta variant is instilling new anxieties, even among those confident in the vaccine.

FGH turned to Trendspotters – our insight community of engaged publics – to understand how delta is shaping feelings towards COVID-19 vaccine requirements and expectations for employers when it comes to mandating vaccines for their employees:

  • Concerns about the delta variant translate to strong support for requiring proof of vaccination for a variety of activities, almost double those who strongly oppose. Support is particularly strong for things like international air travel, domestic air travel and large indoor events.
  • The difference in intensity between supporters and opponents may indicate that we are approaching a tipping point where those who have not gotten their COVID vaccine will face significant limitations to what they are able to do should they choose to remain unvaccinated.
  • Most employers have permission to mandate vaccinations for employees and there is widespread support for President Biden’s statement encouraging employers to require vaccinations. Majorities of both Democrats and Republicans support mandates for employees in healthcare settings, as well as those who work for the federal government, state or local government, K-12 schools, and universities. However, there is less Republican support for private companies.

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