States Are Opening Up, But Are People?

Almost every state is at least partially reopened—but that doesn’t necessarily mean people are ready to partake in normal activities again.

Recent polling shows although people are becoming increasingly comfortable with doing things like going out to eat, the majority remain overwhelmingly uncomfortable doing so.

For instance, fewer than 35% of people say they are comfortable going out to eat.

511 epidemiologists surveyed are even more unlikely to get back to regularly scheduled programming. Only 16% said they expect to be eating at a dine-in restaurant this summer.

A plurality of the epidemiologists said they do not expect to work in a shared office, ride a subway or bus or send children to school, camp or daycare until later this year

And a majority do not expect to go out regularly without a mask for at least a year.

Thirty-seven percent said it would be a year or more before they flew again and 6% said they would never hug or shake hands when greeting a friend again.