Spotlight on Voting Laws

We specifically probed our TrendSpotters community on the open letter signed by over 100 businesses nationwide opposing any sort of discriminatory legislation.

Most were at least somewhat in favor of business leaders speaking out on this voting rights issue, but a total of 80% hold a “strong” point of view either in support or opposition – indicating just how intense emotions are on both sides of this issue.

In the end, be mindful that engagement on political matters will almost certainly bring intense and emotional reactions from both sides – even if demonstrated as part of a united front.

Because they are politically neutral, business leaders can encourage stability, calm and restraint at critical moments. Forty-five percent of Republicans and 68% of Democrats say this is a valid reason to speak out.

Saying you are fighting for “what’s right,” or invoking the expectations of your customers/employees will be less impactful and may not provide the justification needed as consumers are not likely to agree on one true principle defining these moments.

Should business leaders speak out on each of the following issues or topics?

% who say business leaders should speak out on…