Social Pressure Builds

Social media companies are continuously adapting their policies as state-sponsored misinformation around the war in Ukraine runs rampant. 

Here are the latest actions major platforms have taken as the war drags on:

  • Most platforms including Meta, YouTube, Reddit, and Tik Tok have restricted Russian state-affiliated media outlets to some degree. Twitter is adding labels to tweets that link to Russian state-affiliated media websites and will now label accounts and Tweets sharing links to state-affiliated media outlets in Ukraine.
  • Facebook, Google and Snapchat have blocked Russia from advertising on their platforms.
  • Meta, Twitter and Microsoft have each developed a webpage detailing their ongoing responses to the war. 
  • Pinterest has no readily available public commentary on the conflict, despite a history of Russia-linked political posts on the site.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to crack down on media reporting on the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • In March, Russia passed a law that threatens prison time for anyone publishing what authorities consider to be false information about the war.
  • Russia has blocked Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and various news outlets in the country.
  • A Russian court labeled Meta as an extremist organization, which essentially bans Russian businesses from paying for ads in its apps.