Singing from the Same Songbook

LinkedIn is a powerful digital communication network – one that enables executives to influence public perception of a company. While many CEOs do this on an individual basis, there is even greater potential to engage target audiences and navigate challenging topics when board members work together through a coordinated communication strategy.

Management teams should approach their social efforts like a jazz ensemble; playing well together means coordinating efforts while simultaneously creating freedom for individual positioning. Here’s what that looks like:

  • Establish a framework. Define an overarching strategy that sets the pace for all members and enables them to coordinate activities closely. One way to do this is by leveraging relevant corporate events (such as strategic decisions or innovative developments)for board positioning and extending them into social media through individual board members’ interactions.
  • Leverage each player’s individual strengths. Just like a jazz musician shares their unique perspective through improvisation – individual board members should develop their own positioning on social media. This enables the company to reach more targeted audience segments. A good way to approach this is by preparing content and defining focus topics for individual board members to create a clear positioning to their stakeholder groups.
  • Make sure everyone knows their cues. Coordinating timing and chronology is essential to helping topics gain traction and impact. It should be clearly defined which board member will kick news off and how others join the discussion.

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