Seeking Justice for George Floyd

With poignant timing, FGH this month was honored for our pro bono work on the prosecution for George Floyd’s death that tragically occurred two years ago tomorrow. Our communications support for the office of the Minnesota attorney general was recognized with a SABRE Award and the Public Relations Society of America “Best of Silver Anvil” award. See here for a video explaining our work. 

We also spoke with PRSA about what we learned along the way. A few key takeaways from the interview: 

  • Transparency can be your most powerful tool to stop the spread of misinformation. We found sentiment trending against the prosecution, despite strong public opinion in their favor. The trial’s public broadcasting helped combat disinformation and turn social media sentiment from negative to highly supportive of the state’s case.
  • Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Despite the strong public opinion in our favor, a guilty verdict on all counts was not a forgone conclusion. We prepared for a range of scenarios, including a hung jury, split verdict or acquittal that could have led to civil unrest. This foresight allowed us to quickly execute a cross-channel, multi-week national communications strategy following the verdict.
  • Strike while the iron is hot. When the trial concluded, we had a short window to cement the legacy of the verdict and help bring systemic change. So we worked around the clock to maximize the voice of the prosecution team and not allow the opportunity to pass.