Races to Watch

Our Research and Insights team compiled a list of bellwether races to keep an eye on this evening in order of poll closing times:

Polls that close at 7pm EST:

  • Florida Gubernatorial
  • Georgia Senate
  • Maine’s 2nd 
  • Three races in Virginia: VA-02, VA-07, VA-10

Polls that close at 7:30pm EST:

  • Ohio’s 1st

Polls that close at 8pm EST:

  • Two races in Michigan: Gubernatorial and MI-07
  • Three races in Pennsylvania: Senate, Gubernatorial, PA-07
  • Kansas Gubernatorial
  • New Hampshire Senate
  • Texas’s 15th

Polls that close at 9pm EST:

  • Two races in Arizona: Senate and Gubernatorial
  • Two races in Wisconsin: Senate and Gubernatorial
  • Iowa’s 3rd
  • Nebraska’s 2nd
  • New York Gubernatorial
  • Pennsylvania Senate

Polls that close at 10pm EST:

  •  Nevada Senate

Polls that close at 11pm EST:

  • California’s 27th
  • Washington Senate

Several important races may not be called on Election Night as mail ballots are counted, including closely watched races in PA, WI, OH, and NV. Because Democrats tend to cast more mail ballots, initial results may indicate a Republican lead before all ballots are counted.