On the Road Again?

All 50 states are planning to ease restrictions on stay-at-home orders, but do Americans plan to embrace their newfound freedom this Memorial Day Weekend?

Memorial Day is usually one of the busiest travel days of the year, but only 5% plan to travel this holiday weekend. Concerns about getting sick, uncertainty about how to travel safely, and fears of being forced to quarantine continue to hold people back.

Americans are looking for official guidance from the CDC and health experts to know it is safe to travel again, but until then, anxieties could continue to hamper travel plans.

What will travel look like for Americans who do plan to venture out? Road trips and private vacation rentals are set to make a comeback as many remain hesitant about flying and staying in hotels.

But as American deaths surpass casualties of the Vietnam War, many may take a more somber, traditional approach to Memorial Day. 20% of the conversation about Memorial Day Weekend mentions honoring or remembering the heroes who have sacrificed for our country.