Neither, Please

As we stare down the barrel of another presidential election, most voters do not support the two most recent White House occupants.

  • Most U.S. voters (70%) do not support President Biden running for president again. Approximately half (48%) cite Biden’s age as the primary reason for their reluctance. 
  • 60% of voters feel Trump should not pursue another term as president. Despite this sentiment, Trump continues to hold the highest level of support among Republican primary candidates, with 46% of voters favoring him, followed by DeSantis at 31%.
  • When it comes to approval ratings among Democrats, younger age groups are less positive about Biden’s performance compared to those aged 45+. While 84% of Democrats aged 45 and above approve of Biden’s presidency, 72% of Democrats aged 18-44 approve of his job performance.
  • Notably, both Biden and Trump share the same unfavorability rate, with 57% of voters viewing each of them “very unfavorably.”