Midterm Mood

Inflation continues to concern business stakeholders and a majority believe the U.S. is currently in “recession.” Despite this, stakeholders are optimistic about the impact of the midterm elections. 

These are the headlines out of FGS’ latest Business Policy Survey, FGS Global’s quarterly survey of key business stakeholders that measures and tracks attitudes toward major public policy issues.

Here’s what we found:

  • Inflation concerns continue to rise. For the third quarter in a row, inflation ranks highest among priorities that stakeholders want the federal government to focus on. The proportion of stakeholders selecting inflation as a priority has grown from a third (36%) in Q1 to nearly half (47%) in Q3.
  • Optimism about the midterms on both sides of the aisle. Business stakeholders are optimistic about the midterm elections, regardless of party affiliation. Both sides think they will win, and thus expect positive effects on business conditions.
  • Cultural values are important to stakeholders. A majority of stakeholders – 55% of employees, 58% of business decision-makers, and 54% of investors – want to work at, do business with and invest in companies that share their social values. Business stakeholders are even more likely than consumers (40%) to say it is important the companies they interact with share their values.

Dig into the survey and its methodology here.