Media in Motion

With the new year and new administration comes our favorite kind of media scoop – reporter shakeups and shuffles, especially on the White House beat. 

It’s a quadrennial tradition in DC media — following the rush of the presidential campaign and the ushering in of a new administration, beats shift across Washington newsrooms. From moves at CNN and WSJ to AP and CBS, each administration sees a new (and sometimes not so new) crop of reporters eager to pave inroads. 

So now is a critical time for companies to:

  • Make sure your DC media lists are up to date
  • Introduce yourself to new reporters on beats that impact your work 
  • Follow them on Twitter to make sure you’re tracking their latest commentary and coverage.

The incoming administration has also shuffled some of our favorite tipsheets. Politico finally announced its new Playbook team: Rachel Bade, Eugene Daniels, Ryan Lizza, and Tara Palmeri. And DC’s newest tipsheet, Punchbowl News, led by Politico alums Anna Palmer, Jake Sherman, and John Bresnahan, has made a splash with its Secret Service nickname.

Punchbowl is entering a crowded advertising market for DC newsletters, but these insidery publications can still be an excellent way to reach policymakers and elites. Tipsheets fly straight into inboxes every day, sometimes multiple times. By running your ads in a mix of places, you’ll expand your reach and ensure as many important eyes as possible.

And perhaps the most surprising newcomer, President Donald Trump’s first Press Secretary Sean Spicer and host of Newsmax’s “Spicer & Co” has applied to be a member of the White House Correspondents’ Association, the organization he once routinely clashed with…