May 1, 2020

State of the States Getting Back to Work

America has always been a federation of states. But rarely have its divisions been as starkly felt as they are today— with as much at stake.

In GPG’s new Getting America Back To Work landscape analysis, released today, we outline how each governor is deciding when, how and what to reopen. Several are reopening as soon as today.

As we reported earlier this week, these reopenings come despite no state having reached the recommended 14 days of declining infection rates outlined by the White House’s guidelines.

Four big regional blocs of states have formed to coordinate their reopening strategies, while some individual counties are defying their state governments. You can read more details in GPG’s latest Getting America Back To Work landscape analysis released today.

Hashtag Wars

As some states reopen, how is Twitter aligning on #OpenAmerica vs. #StayAtHome?

In the last week, the number of tweets mentioning #OpenAmerica made up about 5% of #StayAtHome volume. At the same time, the number of #StayAtHome tweets have decreased 47% since early April.

We used GPG’s proprietary Network Influencer Tool to look at the drivers of these discussions. Just like the pandemic that bore it, #StayAtHome has a global reach—and government accounts take top billing

Malaysia’s Ministry of Health’s @KKMPutrajaya engages with other Malaysian government agencies using the hashtag. The official South African government account @GovernmentZA communicates about relief packages

Other influencers include Indian government handle @COVIDNewsByMIB and verified bot @openletterbot which tags #StayAtHome in tweets about COVID-related letters sent to officials. @officialpes, the official global eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer account, made the list by using the hashtag in tweets promoting a live virtual event.#OpenAmerica’s largely domestic drivers include @BernardKerik, former New York City Police Department commissioner, who’s used this hashtag to petition the president to reopen the country. Former congressional candidates @DeAnna4Congress has opposed keeping the country closed. @Dbongino, host of a conservative podcast, is constantly mentioned in #OpenAmerica focused content, as is the president. And former Florida Congressional candidate @ChuckCallesto rounds out the list.

COVID-19 By the Numbers

Race for the Cure

GPG’s new landscape analysis digs deep into the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.

The challenge around finding an effective vaccine is immense. But there are lately some glimmers of hope.

It is not yet known whether vaccines will confer long-term or seasonal immunity. Manufacturing capacity will need to be massively increased. And fast-tracked drug approvals come with safety risks.

But researchers worldwide are cooperating to test a variety of solutions they believe might provide immunity to COVID-19. 

At least six groups have already begun human trials, according to the World Health Organization. And scientists at the Jenner Institute in Oxford have announced early successes, launching their first human trial last week. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci told the Today Show that having a coronavirus vaccine by January 2021 is not out of the question: “We want to go quickly, but we want to make sure it’s safe and it’s effective,” Fauci said. “I think that is doable if things fall in the right place.

Get into the details here.

Table Stakes

GPG’s latest landscape analysis shows how some companies are getting back to work–and certain cases, back to play.

Given how hands-on many of our favorite activities are, though, it’s not likely to be an easy lift

Case in point: The Wynn Resorts plan to reopen its casinos includes an extremely detailed list of sanitization and distancing practices that will mean big changes for its gaming floors

There are the more obvious adjustments you might expect – only three people per blackjack table instead of around six, and only every other table on the floor will be open. 

But there are more aggressive practices envisioned as well— like cleaning dice before every new shooter in craps and sanitizing roulette balls when new dealers arrive. 

And what about those casino chips players handle and exchange with dealers multiple times every minute? There’s no trump card for that just yet: “Chip cleaning solutions [are] being reviewed – pending expert guidance,” the plan states
You can read more plans for the private sector to get back to work here.