Making Reporting More Diverse

FGH’s Health Media Insights newsletter recently covered how media outlets are striving include a diverse array of sources to accurately represent the communities they cover.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Include different types of voices in your pitch proactively. While some tools are available to help journalists connect with people who are underrepresented in media, you can also play an important role in promoting diverse voices and making sure the communities being covered are also included in the story.
  • Before pitching, consider choosing a spokesperson who can best speak to the issue and the target audience. If you’re pitching a story about equity issues, for example, offering interviews with experts of color can help journalists get the important context and perspective they need to tell the best story. Broadcast bookers in particular are always looking for diverse voices, so including a wide array of spokespeople will not just help provide important context, but can help improve your chances of landing the pitch.

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