Leveraging Media Outlets’ Editorial Calendars

Our colleagues at FGH’s Health Media Insights newsletter recently reported on how communicators can leverage often-overlooked trade outlets’ editorial calendars to pitch stories. 

Editorial calendars, which are sometimes embedded in trade outlets’ overall media kits, can provide a sense of where reporters’ coverage will focus throughout the course of the year. For example, Fierce Healthcare’s editorial calendar shows that the outlet’s October docket will include coverage of what to expect during the enrollment periods for ACA and Medicare Advantage plans. Modern Healthcare, meanwhile, will post separate cover stories on insurance, finance and technology through the end of the year. 

Knowing where the outlets plan to focus – and identifying the reporters most likely to write the coverage – can help create opportunities to position your organization as a source and join the conversation. While this approach wouldn’t necessarily be effective for pitching an announcement, it provides a good reason to touch base with reporters, see what they’re working on and determine whether you can provide helpful data or experts. 

Reporters have told us that it’s best to reach out roughly a month in advance of planned stories to learn about their focus and potentially contribute.

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