Lawyers and Communicators: A Winning Combination for 2022

We all know that high-profile crises can land businesses in the crosshairs of regulators, prosecutors and judges, both domestic and foreign.

In the newly-published fourth edition of Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management, Finsbury Glover Hering experts provide perspective on the crucial role communications play in managing a crisis and how legal counsel and communications advisors can work together effectively to avoid pitfalls. In the end, a tightly aligned legal and communications strategy is the best way for companies to advance their legal and reputational objectives and mitigate risks.

For companies – especially those operating on an international scale – the challenges are exacerbated by a media environment in which information travels faster and further than ever before. Stakeholder expectations of how businesses respond are similarly heightened. Add to that specific regional factors in certain jurisdictions, such as increased focus on and public opposition to corruption and widely varying and unpredictable legal, regulatory, political and judicial regimes, and you have a particularly perilous, volatile situation.

Even with skilled legal counsel, pressures like these can lead to communications missteps that might create, worsen or prolong a crisis. A lack of close coordination between a company’s communications and legal advisors easily can turn a seemingly contained issue into a high-profile, potentially costly reputational disaster where one need not exist.

Accreditation: An extract from the fourth edition of Latin Lawyer’s The Guide to Corporate Crisis Management. The whole publication is available at