It’s the Economy, Stupid

Inflation, inflation, inflation. It’s top of mind for business influencers, shows FGS Global’s quarterly survey measuring and tracking attitudes toward major public policy issues.

We surveyed

  • 400 employees of for-profit companies with at least 1,000 employees
  • 400 business decision-makers who make hiring, purchasing or financial investment decisions
  • and 400 investors with $100,000 or more in securities investments who follow business and financial market news closely.

Here’s what we found:

Inflation remains the top priority among corporate influencers.

  • Among employees and business decision-makers, inflation now ranks first among government priorities, up from second and third respectively in the previous quarter.
  • A majority of influencers feel the Biden Administration is not doing enough to combat inflation.

Corporations are expected to take action in response to the war in Ukraine, but inflation worries are more acute than geopolitical concerns.

  • Influencers, particularly investors, want corporate action in response to the war.
  • Containing Russian aggression ranks low on the list of priorities. There is more anxiety about the potential economic impacts of the war than about the war itself.

Actions on Ukraine are more important than words. Desired corporate responses to Russian invasion of Ukraine include: 

  • Stop purchasing products and services from Russia (73%)
  • Stop operating within Russia’s borders (72%)
  • Stop selling products and services to Russia (72%)
  • Provide material support to Ukraine and its people (70%)
  • Divest Russian assets (66%)

And 61% of influencers say sanctions on Russia have affected US companies.