It’s a Hybrid World

Nearly three years into the pandemic, it looks like hybrid work is here to stay. Here are a few reminders for building a hybrid work environment where everyone can thrive: 

  • Adopt a flexible policy. Listen to your employees and be open to evolving your policy based on their needs. An authoritarian approach will only receive pushback and ultimately drive people away from the company.
  • Create an inclusive environment. Nearly 60% of women in a hybrid arrangement say they’ve been excluded from important meetings. Pay special attention to the needs of employee groups more likely to feel excluded and face career repercussions.
  • Update your space. For employees, the value of spending time in the office comes from opportunities for collaboration and connecting with colleagues. A hybrid office should focus on flexible work spaces geared toward team gatherings and social interactions.
  • Establish hybrid meeting guidelines.  Meetings that include in-person and remote participants can be particularly challenging. Establish rules of conduct that define procedures around taking turns and what the moderator’s tasks include.
  • Invest in the right technology. Hybrid workers need tools that enable effective communication and collaboration. Beyond standard document sharing tools and Zoom, there is also a need for technologies that support virtual social interactions, workspace booking and unique collaboration.