Introducing FGS Global

We are excited to announce that today we are launching our new brand — FGS Global. We asked our Global Design Lead David Somerville for a peek under the hood of our new identity.

What’s the promise of the new company that animates the brand?

Our clients are living in a fast-moving world without silos, where audiences overlap and external stakeholders are shaping reputations and operating environments. Our goal is to a build a firm that meets the moment with the right experts, geographic reach and capabilities to credibly reach the people who matter most to our clients, wherever they are. 

What were your key priorities in developing the new brand? 

We had three priorities. The new identity had to be:

1. Appropriate across a huge diversity of markets, languages, demographics, practice areas and client situations.

2. Effective at catching the eye in a crowded field and evoking our brilliant, people-focused business.

3. Useful in a way that made work faster and easier—gorgeous but impractical designs were a nonstarter.

What advice do you have for clients undergoing or about to undergo a rebrand?

Good design takes time. Great design takes a lot of time, trust and communication at the executive level. Visual identity is among the most powerful communication tools and should not be rushed or delegated. Solve for outside pressures so the rebrand can unfold at a thoughtful pace, then start by exploring the deeply-held values, vision and virtues of the company. If the design expresses those, you’ll be far ahead of the competition.