How The Tables Have Turned

Social distancing protocols still persist globally, but restaurants are reopening in creative ways that keep diners distanced—and hopefully make up for lost revenue at the same time.

In Amsterdam, a vegan restaurant built mini greenhouses over each of its outdoor tables. Pairs of patrons can book the tables to eat privately in a structure that’s a logical extension of the typical plant-based experience.

Stateside, a popular waterfront spot in Ocean City, MD, rolled out new “social distancing tables” last weekend. Shaped like oversized inner tubes, the wheeled tables keep customers safely separated from other patrons.

Meanwhile, Michelin-starred Inn at Little Washington in Virginia re-opened its dining room at 50 percent capacity last week. Instead of leaving half of the seats empty, the owner filled them with mannequins clad in 1940s-era fashion.

As for DC, takeout and delivery remain diners’ only options. Mayor Muriel Bowser said “it makes no sense” to open restaurants in the District while the death toll continues to rise.