How Business Can Build a “Green Recovery”

Now that the Biden administration has rejoined the Paris Agreement, attention is turning to a November climate summit that could have far-reaching impacts on the global economy – and offer companies the chance to position themselves as environmental leaders in the process. 

The COP26 summit, the 26th yearly session of the decision-making body of the United Nations’ climate change convention, will bring world leaders to Glasgow, Scotland to agree on a new ambitious agreement and guide a “green recovery” from COVID.

Business will be crucial to shaping the debate and delivering these commitments. Companies that participate will shape the future of their industries, while those that fail to support climate action risk a stakeholder backlash.

Steps companies can take in the lead-up to COP26 include: 

  • Announcing a climate strategy, commitment to Science-Based Targets or joining Race to Zero.
  • Building awareness of commitments and actions and creating a stronger digital presence.
  • Strengthening relationships with key policy makers, advocacy groups and the COP team. 
  • Using milestones to structure campaigns and build customer, employee and investor engagement. 
  • Forming partnerships that help shape the debate. 

FGH will be supporting clients in the run-up to COP26 and on the ground from our hub at the Four Winds Pavilion. Learn more here.