How Brands Can Prepare for Election Crises

Brands have grappled with tremendous change and crisis this year, much of which caught leaders off guard. But this time we all know that a number of potential crises could be coming with Election Day, so it is time to get prepared.

COVID in Context will examine four potential election impacts in each of our editions leading up to Election Day, the first being the pandemic.

As officials grapple with an unprecedented number of absentee ballots and poll worker shortages as well as polling place safety, close to half of Americans (44%) are worried their state is not prepared to process and count votes. About a quarter of those who plan to vote by mail (23%) have “a great deal” of confidence that the election will be held fairly.

Yet this comes as almost seven in 10 (69%) of Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike — say this is the most important election of their lifetime.

The bipartisan National Task Force on Election Crises offers the following key actions and messages for business leaders— with their access to employee, client and customer voter blocs—to help reduce pandemic-driven election anxiety and chaos:

  • Remind everyone to vote earlywhether in person or by mail. Every vote cast early is one that can’t be disrupted on Election Day.
  • Pay employees to be poll workers. There are a number of companies who have already committed to doing so, but more are needed.
  • Donate sanitation equipment, personal protective equipment and other supplies to local election officials.

See more recommendations here. Next week, we’ll look at the second key election crisis: misinformation.