COVID Spike Augurs A Grim Thanksgiving

A wave of COVID-19 infections is ushering in a series of lockdowns and restrictions across the country a week before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Canadian equivalent of which triggered a mammoth COVID spike.

In a single week, over 1 million new cases were reported in the United States, bringing the nation’s total to over 11.3 million cases.

GPG examined how this most recent spike in COVID-19 cases compares to what the country experienced in June and July. The raw number of cases per day far exceeds any numbers we have seen to date. Each of the last 14 days in November account for the top 14 days in terms of new cases for all of 2020.

But another way to process the data is by looking at how cases are growing over comparative subsets of time. Over the past month and half, the number of new cases per day has increased 177%. While significant, this is slightly less than an equivalent block of time between June 15 and July 14 where we saw a 206% increase.