COVID Response Gets A Shot in the Arm

Education and distribution are two key parts of the return to normal equation–and brands across the country are working hard on both

Experts say 70-80% of Americans will need to be vaccinated for the country to return to pre-COVID normalcy. But only half of them are willing to do so— reluctance which could slow progress toward herd immunity

The Ad Council is hoping to increase this ratio with a $50 million ad campaign encouraging vaccination while the Department of Health and Human Services has already begun its $250 million public advocacy campaign. And last week a bipartisan group of Senators proposed additional vaccine education funding.

Once the vaccine is widely available, employers may require their staff to be vaccinated. While a mandate is within a private company’s rights–with some conditions–it is more likely that employers will try to promote and facilitate vaccinations for workers

Several major corporations are already making plans to offer the vaccine to employees:

  • Ford announced the company has ordered specialty freezers to store Pfizer’s vaccine, which it will make available to employees who want it.
  • Tyson Foods has said it plans to partner with health care firms to get employees quick access to the vaccine when it becomes available to the public. 
  • Target plans to offer the vaccine to employees and customers at its in-store pharmacies.