Congress Countdown: Tech and Media Microscope

The New GOP House majority will pursue oversight, investigations and legislation targeted at technology and media companies, as well as a myriad of other policy areas.

Key legislation focuses on comprehensive data privacy, kids’ privacy and safety online and Section 230/viewpoint discrimination.

Republicans will likely:

  • Initiate legislative and oversight activity targeted at Big Tech and Hollywood—including the pursuit of comprehensive and kids’ privacy legislation—and target the companies’ ties to China and alleged censorship of conservative viewpoints.
  • Work with the Biden administration to restrict China’s access to semiconductor and other technologies and pursue oversight if they believe the administration is being insufficiently aggressive.
  • Move legislation to update the laws governing autonomous vehicles (AVs) and conduct aggressive oversight of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to speed the rulemaking process.
  • Conduct oversight of Biden Administration implementation of broadband connectivity programs, seeking examples of waste.
  • Increase oversight of the FCC and FTC. However, each entity will continue to operate as a 2-2 (FCC) and 3-1 (FTC) body for the foreseeable future.