Community News Booms

FGH’s Health Media Insights newsletter recently looked at how startup outlets are popping up across the country at record speed, with many focused on giving communities— including traditionally underserved populations— new representation in the press and new platforms to tell their stories.

A report from the Institute for Nonprofit News found that between 2018 and 2020, 33 new outlets launched, including 11 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these publications are focused on communities of color and nearly half publish content in a language other than English.

The flurry of new, community-focused outlets opens up a host of opportunities for organizations to reach new populations and connect with reporters on topics around health equity, social determinants of health and others that may be especially important to their readers.

We recommend reaching out to these startups (listed in the report) as well as existing publications focused on communities of color and other underrepresented groups for your next round of relevant pitches to broaden your reach. Offer spokespeople who can identify with each publication’s target audience to provide the best insight on topics of interest.

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