Communicating Internally During COVID-19

GPG has released a new memo of best practices for companies grappling with communicating to their remote workforces.

As conversations about systemic inequality sweep the nation, honest and direct communication at work has never been more important.

But continued workplace closures due to COVID-19 are also making it harder than ever.

The memo sets out best practices for virtual employee engagement, communication and support structures during COVID-19 and beyond.

It recommends companies use inclusive management, past practices and their own culture and values as a guide.

Ideas range from weekly leadership meetings, company-wide town halls, informal virtual brown paper bag lunches and firm-wide pulse check-in surveys to keep your workforce informed and supported.

As some organizations question the need for offices at all, and with remote work likely here to stay, these practices may remain relevant for office-based workforces for the foreseeable future.

You can read the full GPG memo here.