Closing the Giving Gap

Americans have a long way to go in diversifying their charitable donations. In 2019, Americans donated $450 billion to charitable causes. The amount that went to organizations led by people of color? A mere 4%. And Black-led organizations have 76% fewer unrestricted net assets than white-led organizations.  

When donors give to organizations led by people of color, they are empowering those who best understand the historically disadvantaged communities they are trying to serve. 

Aisha Alexander-Young, the CEO of Giving Gap, offers some principles to help guide individuals and institutions to Give Black:

  • Remember the three Ts of charitable giving: Time, talent and treasure. Nonprofits will always welcome monetary donations, but there are other resources you can share as well. Individuals can donate their time to volunteering with an organization, and companies can offer professional services pro bono. 
  • Don’t give only when Black trauma is in the news. Help celebrate Black joy. There are many organizations working to empower Black communities every day. 
  • Don’t limit donations to Black organizations to February. It’s important to commemorate Black History Month, but donating to Black-led organizations can and should happen year-round.