Can You Hear Me Now?

Brands have more priorities to communicate about than ever. But it’s becoming harder and harder to hear their voices in the cacophony thanks to a few recent trends. 

  • A media environment more cluttered and disperse than ever. With a growing number of new streaming services–plus increased partisanship–there are fewer common media events that enable a marketer to reach their audience at once.  Even ratings for tentpole events – like the Grammys and Oscars – are down in recent years.  With more fractured viewing and media consumption habits, it’s more difficult than ever to reach key audiences.
  • Reduced social reach. While social media is a powerful communications tool, organizations are at the mercy of black box algorithms that determine who sees what content.  According to a recent study, the average Facebook post only reached 5.2% of the users who followed the page that posted it.

The good news? Paid promotion of your content can help your brand succeed despite these trends. And as more and more content creators experiment with building their own podcasts and newsletters, the options for reaching your specific audience have expanded— not to mention the potential of advertising on new social media apps like Clubhouse.

Bespoke media plans can help you reach target audiences across the disperse media landscape, allowing you to build message frequency and cut through the cluttered and fractured media environment. And paid media plans can be built around a wide range of budget levels, making them a great option for just about any organization.