Can You Hear Me Now?

Our colleagues at FGH’s Health Media Insights newsletter recently spotlighted how reporters are leveraging Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces to evolve their storytelling capabilities and connect with readers and listeners beyond comments and interviews. These platforms also provide a new medium for companies to pitch their stories.  

Nina Gregory, a senior editor at NPR, recently joined Clubhouse as the live audio app’s first head of news and media publishers, a move signaling the app’s intentions to become a major player in the news and media space with its live audio technology. The app is similar to Twitter’s Spaces, which launched earlier this year.

Major news outlets like NPR and USA Today have leveraged these apps to host conversations about their recent coverage on a variety of topics. NPR, for example, used Twitter Spaces to interview U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on COVID-19.

These new platforms give reporters a fresh new way to interact with their followers. They can also be a great opportunity for organizations and companies looking for unique new ways to tell their stories and elevate their spokespeople. Consider integrating these live audio apps into your next pitching strategy.

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