Busy Thanksgiving Augurs Grim Christmas

As the coronavirus surges in 45 states, 81% of voters plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. And even that’s political. 

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they will celebrate the holiday, 90% to 75%. (11/17, YouGov)

More than a third of Americans (38%) say they will gather in groups of ten or more people for Thanksgiving dinner this year. One-third (33%) say they will not require their dinner guests to wear masks and one-quarter (25%) say they do not plan to practice social distancing. (11/14, Ohio State)

Half of college students returning home for the holidays (49%) say they plan to socially distance from their families but not quarantine. 22% say they will fully quarantine for two weeks, while 24% will not take any precautionary measures. (11/11, Axios/Generation Lab)

Almost three-quarters of Americans (74%) express concern that COVID-19 cases in their area will increase due to people traveling for Thanksgiving. 46% say they are “very concerned.” (11/13, YouGov).