Business As Usual?

We asked TrendSpotters – FGH’s proprietary insight community of civically engaged individuals  – for its take on U.S. businesses’ public posture on the conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

Key Takeaways:

  • U.S. businesses’ response to recent events in the Middle East is viewed within the wider context of how major companies are perceived to be engaging more on social and political issues.
    • For Republicans, this past year of heightened corporate engagement in social issues has made them even more resistant to such an approach, and as a result they are happy not to have seen a large-scale response from U.S. business.
    • Democrats, on the other hand, wished they’d seen more of a public response from U.S. companies in supporting a peaceful resolution or providing aid and support. They want to see businesses use their influence for the greater good while remaining neutral.
  • As we’ve seen with previous research, corporate engagement on social issues is often viewed through the lens of its potential impact on employees. Reactions to Amazon employees petitioning Jeff Bezos to cut ties with the Israeli Defense Force crystalize this – mainly out of concern for employees’ safety.
    • Many fear businesses taking a clear stance will cause divisiveness among employees and create a hostile work environment.