Brands Respond to Crisis

Companies are taking the following actions in response to the situation on the ground (fuller lists of responses, commitments and verified fundraising organizations here): 

  • Airbnb will provide free, short-term housing for 100,000 refugees who have fled Ukraine, which will be paid for by the company and through donations. 
  • BP has abandoned its $14 billion stake in Russian oil company Rosneft and its CEO will step down from Rosneft’s board.
  • Delta has terminated its codeshare agreement with Aeroflot and Manchester United has terminated the airline’s sponsorship rights. 
  • Elon Musk sent Starlink’s satellite internet to Ukraine after a request from a Ukrainian government official on Twitter. Starlink is now active in Ukraine and thousands of more satellites are on their way.
  • Etsy will cancel all balances owed to the company by sellers in Ukraine, including listing and advertising fees, amounting to roughly $4 million.
  • Formula 1 will not hold the Russian Grand Prix. 
  • Cryptocurrency exchange FTX gave $25 to every Ukrainian on the platform.
  • Google temporarily disabled some Google Maps tools for Ukraine which provide live information about traffic and crowd conditions in businesses for the safety of local communities in the country. 
  • Meta has increased around-the-clock monitoring, added safety features in Ukraine and Russia, expanded its third-party fact-checking capacity in Russian and Ukrainian and prohibited ads from Russian state media.
  • Twitter will label all tweets with Russian state media links and has paused ads in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Volvo will not deliver cars to the Russian market until further notice.