Biden Takes Stimulus Show on the Road

Even though the vote on the latest COVID relief package was largely along party lines, look for President Biden to tout stimulus checks in a local media push as a win for all Americans instead of a partisan victory

Three-quarters of voters — including 59% of Republicans — say they support the COVID-19 stimulus bill, which President Joe Biden is expected to sign in the coming days. Biden is brushing aside the lack of Republican support, saying, “the American people strongly support what we’re doing. That’s the key here.”

Watch for the White House to broadcast this victory through a local and regional media push. 

Earlier on in the pandemic, half of Americans reported turning to local news outlets for COVID-19 updates. 

The Trump administration took advantage of this trend with a smart regional communications strategy that placed administration surrogates on local affiliates and local conglomerates. 

Look for the Biden White House to use the stimulus bill as an opportunity to step up its game when it comes to getting on local media and into people’s living rooms. Expect a full court press from across the administration, including the four White House principals (Biden, Harris and their spouses) as well as members of the Cabinet and other senior administration officials and advisors. 

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Biden would do well to brandish his legislative victories as aggressively as possible while he has congressional majorities in place and not take them for granted beyond the midterms.