As Goes the White House, So Goes the District

During the week of October 4, DC had the largest increase in cases (+444) the District has seen since early August and the biggest difference week-to-week since mid-April.

Over the past two weeks, the White House became a COVID-19 hot spot—and it shows.

GPG looked at weekly new case data by state in the DC metropolitan area to see how the White House outbreak aligned with or contributed to any observed spikes.

Since the White House Rose Garden Supreme Court announcement on September 26, 37 White House staffers and other contacts have tested positive – 11 of which directly connect to that September 26 event.

We do not see as significant of a spike in Maryland, but Virginia appears to be trending upwards as well with 7,102 new cases last week (the most since the first week of September).

Whether this is a blip in the data or a sign of what’s to come remains to be seen.