As Election Looms, Uncertainty Blooms

Recent polling indicates the closer we get to Election Day, the further we seem to be from resolving the crisis gripping America. Here’s the murky view ahead:

  • Case counts mount. More than a third of states set single-day case records in the last week. Four million COVID cases have been reported in the U.S. and over 150,000 people have died. Three quarters Americans say the country is on the wrong track— the most since the 2013 government shutdown. Fifty-nine percent of Americans think President Trump is handling the pandemic poorly and 60% believe the worst is yet to come. Forty-six percent do not trust the president’s statements on the virus at all.
  • A constitutional crisis? 76% of voters are eligible to vote by mail. But as of now, 9 states will require in-person voting despite concern over coronavirus. Experts estimate implementing mail-in voting across the U.S. will cost $6 billion— including $4 billion for protective gear for poll workers and IT costs. There are currently 163 pandemic-related election lawsuits across the U.S. A close presidential race, foreign interference and difficulties implementing a mail-in election are just some of the things that could bring unprecedented chaos to Election Day.